Urbanaut Fantastic Voyage IPA Mixed Six 330ml


Come along and ride on the FANTASTIC VOYAGE, a new six-pack taking you through the wild and wonderful history of the IPA, from our take on classic IPA styles through to our vision of the future with our mysterious Crystal IPA…

The Crystal IPA is the next evolution from the haze-craze; it’s a shimmering spectre of refreshment – sparkling, translucent and designed to focus all attention on the hops. Expect fresh-fruit aromas of lychee and peach with a bone-dry finish.

Each beer will only be available in this limited edition six-pack.

Crystal IPA 6.8%, Hazy IPA 6%, Red IPA 5.8%, Brut IPA 7%, West Coast IPA 6.6%, Black IPA 5.6% ABV

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